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Imagine knowing what career was right for you. . .

Feel the weight lift from your shoulders and set goals for your Leaving Cert year.

Approaching the end of second level education is a huge milestone in your life. You will feel mixed emotions; the excitement of freedom and the unease of change. It’s not unusual to feel anxious about the uncertainty of your future. . . not knowing where your life will take you.

You want to plan your future; but where do you begin? You want to choose a good career that you will love. But how do you know what is right for you? How do you know what you will be good at? With so much choice out there, it is difficult to decide on just one career.

6th year students feel pressure coming from all angles. Teachers pile the workload on and expect you to prioritise their subject above the others. Your parents have expectations of you and you don’t want to let them down. You are even guilty of putting yourself under pressure to do as well as your peers or to achieve high points – even if they aren’t required. You find yourself studying for hours each week but with no goal in mind how can you measure the progress you are making.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a plan for after school? It would relieve the anxiety and remove some of the uncertainty from this very challenging year. With a plan in place you could focus on your studies and work towards realistic goals.

I have developed a programme to help you to find a career that suits you. I will guide you through personal discovery exercises to identify your interests, values, skills and aptitudes. Armed with this knowledge we can work together to find a career that is suited to you.

Work With Me

StewartUnaLowRes-31Interested in finding the career for you? Arrange a Mini-Session with me and we can start to get to work. The Mini-Session is a free phone-call with me. We chat for about 15 minutes, you describe the problems you are facing choosing a career and I will give you some pointers on how to start your career planning.

After this brief conversation you will already be on the road to personal discovery to begin your career journey.

To schedule a Mini-Session simply fill in the form below and I will contact you.