How to Study

This page is dedicated to studying. Click on the links below for more information.

How to Adopt a Balanced Approach to Study


6th year is a demanding year but it can’t be all about study. It is really important to maintain good social connections, get exercise and plenty of rest. Take heed of the advice given here to develop a healthy approach to study.Read More


How to Create a Study Timetable that Works!


You may have heard teachers and guidance counsellors talking about Study Timetables and wonder what’s the thinking behind them? Isn’t it enough to go home from school and complete a few hours of study in the evening? Do I really need  a timetable to stick to??? My answer is YES! Read More

How do YOU learn best?


When getting down to study it is important that you study effectively and make the most of your time. You should begin by identifying your learning style. There are 3 main styles of learning; Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic. Read More.


Setting Goals and Targets


We all need something to work towards in order to make the study effort worthwhile and give us the motivation to persevere and keep going. In 6th year your goal should be a career or college course. Read More


 SQ4R Study Technique


SQ4R is an effective study technique that engages the student and makes studying more active and hands-on.What not give the SQ4R approach a go and see if it makes you a more proactive and motivated learning. Read More.


8 Great Ways to Use Flashcards


Flashcards are a super way of actively studying. Through using recall skills you are practicing the skill you need in an exam situation.This article will give you 8 ideas on how to use flashcards to study efficiently. Read More.

How to Organise an Effective Study Group


If you want to get ahead and think you are committed and disciplined enough to your studies then read on to find out how to set up an efficient study group. Read More.

Tips for Language Oral Exams

Untitled design (1)

In order to perform as well as you can and reap as many marks as possible in the oral try to take on board some of the tips outlined in this article. Read More


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