Are you confused about which career is right for you?

Making a decision about your career may seem daunting but it doesn’t need to be frightening.

Life is one long journey, often into the unknown, and your career is like a trail you follow. Often people find it hard to follow a trail as trails don’t appear on maps – we need to make our own way. I can help you find the essential information to make informed decisions and carve out the best trail for you to lead a fulfilling and exciting career.

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My name is Oonagh Carroll and I have been working with young people as both a teacher and Guidance Counsellor for over 14 years.  I started my career as an English teacher and taught Leaving Cert. for 8 years before deciding to train as a Guidance Counsellor in 2011. Through my teaching years I realised just how challenging 6th year is for most young people. Keeping on top study is a full time job and it can be hard to find time to research courses and careers. This realisation prompted me to train as a Guidance Counsellor.

“Seeing young people take control of their future is a great motivator for me in my work.”

I understand the pressure that Leaving Cert. students are under because I see it first hand. I understand that 6th year is a full-on year where students are expected to keep on top of study, practical projects and research projects. There is always something on the horizon; be it Mock exams, Orals, Practical exams or course work deadlines. This makes it very hard to find the time to research college courses. Ironically the very thing that you are working towards, your future, get pushed onto the back burner.

I work with young people to help and support them in their course or career choices. Seeing young people take control of their future is a great motivator for me in my work. When I help students to make plans for after the Leaving Cert. a huge pressure is lifted from their shoulders. They are free to dedicate their time fully to their studies and they are more focused as they have a clear goal to work towards. If you work with me, you can achieve the same result.

With so many choices of career and variety of college courses available out there, how do you know which one is right for you?

The approach I take is to encourage and help students to look within themselves. I help them to identify their Interests, Values, Aptitudes and Skills to find a career that they will be suited to and will bring them job satisfaction.  Through discussion and exercises I can help you to identify these too. You will learn more about your personality and use that knowledge to make a well thought out and informed decision on a college course or career that would suit you.

If you need help exploring career options then contact me and I will work with you and help you to plan your career trail. Book a mini session with me and we can start working on a plan together. A mini-session is a 15 minute phone call and it is free of charge.  The purpose of the mini-session is to give you an opportunity to tell me a little bit about what support you need, we will start to work together and  you will find out if I am the one to help you.  Are you interested? If so fill your details into the box below to arrange a mini-session.