The Top 8 Websites for Leaving Cert Students

I have scanned through the websites Leaving Cert students and their teachers are using to help them to prepare for the exams. There are so many websites out there that it can be hard to know which are worth investing time in. I have put the work in for you and these are the 8 sites that I think every Leaving Cert student should know about.

All of the sites below are completely free of charge. There are many websites out there offering notes packages at a cost. Personally I don’t believe you need to be paying for notes. There are more than enough notes and sample answers available for free online, so check out what I have suggested below before signing up for any expensive packages online.

In this list you will find some practical websites that provide information for LC students as well as useful tools to help you study. I have also included the essential study notes websites. Start looking at these 8 websites and you will probably find that you don’t need to look any further.



This is a great website for making notes on. You can create your own flashcards, mindmaps and quizzes on this site. There is also a great app which means you always have your flashcards with you (as long as you have your phone.) So if you are smart you will have created a bank of flashcards that you can practice whenever you have time to kill; waiting on a bus, sitting on the bus, a spare 10 minutes in the afternoon. You will never see a minute wasted again!

Goconqr offers you an added bonus. You can connect with your friends and as a result you can share resources. This would be great if you were part of a study group.



You guys are so lucky. The department of education have now given you free access to exam papers going back over 20 years. That’s a lot of questions that you could be practicing. Not only that, this website also provides you with all the answers to the questions. You can download the marking scheme for every subject. This information is invaluable. You can see exactly what the examiner is looking for in your answer. I wish I had of been privy to this kind of knowledge when I was a student!

This is also a great website for information. You can download the Leaving Cert Exam Timetable, Key Dates for LC students and all kinds of information about the exams. is a great reference point and is definitely worth getting familiar with.


I couldn’t write this article without mentioning my own website, Designed specifically with Leaving Cert students in mind this site gives you all the information you need to make 6th year a success. The site offers reassurance to students because it guides students through the processes involved in making college applications, choosing a course, setting goals, preparing for Open Days / interviews /  college etc. Careertrail has a page dedicated to study techniques to help you to achieve your goals.  The Careers Profile page allows you to explore different careers and see what it’s like to work at the cold face in varied careers. Take the time to navigate the site and follow Careertrail on Facebook or Twitter to be kept up to date with important information during your Leaving Cert year.


Need I even mention this? Every 6th year needs to be very familiar with this website. It is your one-stop-shop for course information and I mean every course. This website gives you detailed information on all CAO courses, PLC courses nationwide (also see, apprenticeships (also see and postgraduate courses. Qulaifax also provides an extensive list of dates for Open Days and important deadlines. You can create your own account to tag and save courses of interest to return to later. There are very useful features on this website such as ‘Minimum Entry Requirements’ ‘Points Calculator’ ‘Interest Assessment.’ I’ve only scratched the surface here in describing this website. There is so much information here to help you with regard to choosing a course. This is definitely a website that needs close attention.


This website provides so much information for Leaving Cert students. There are notes on 19 Leaving Cert subjects. Having taught English for many years, I looked at the English notes on this site. The quality of the notes is very good and there’s plenty of material here. The website has short videos and flashcards uploaded to help you study. You can sign up with the site. Membership is free and this allows you to bookmark pages, log your own notes and create a study timetable. Overall I think this site is a great study aid.


This is an interactive and fun website to help you with your languages. You will find Irish and your modern language on this site. You simply register and create an account. I decided to return to Irish to test out this site. I was first presented with an easy translation test to assess what level I was at. I was put into the ‘basic’ class. . . well it has been a long time since my Leaving Cert!

Once your level has been pitched you can then start taking the interactive exercises to practice your vocabulary and grammar. You can choose from 5, 10 or 15 minute exercises and set yourself a target of how regularly you want to practice. You will receive email reminders to do your language practice.

I found this website to be a fun way to study Irish. Ok your not going to find your sraith pictuiri here or your poems but it will definitely help with your written and oral Irish.


Never be afraid of Shakespeare again! Sparknotes is an amazing resource for English literature. It has detailed notes for all major works of literature. Although not designed for Leaving Cert students, most LC students will find their studied text and a comparative text on this site, as well as some of the more well known poets.

An amazing feature of this site is ‘No Fear Shakespeare.’ The major Shakespearean plays are ‘translated’ word-for-word into modern English. You will never find yourself stuck on a soliloquy again. In addition to this Sparknotes provides detailed notes on characters and themes. A must for English scholars.


Not designed for LC students but there is a lot of relevant information here to help you out. The Maths section of the course is quite extensive. There is also an in-depth section on the sciences; Biology, Physics and Chemistry. There are various modes of learning on this site: videos, quizzes, notes. Economics is also featured on this website as well as Art History. The site is definitely impressive and worth a browse.

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