Want to Appeal a Leaving Cert. Grade?

There is a process in place for Leaving Cert students to view their exam scripts and if they wish they can appeal a result/s. This can be a worthwhile exercise, especially if you narrowly missed out on course. It can also be very enlightening for students; it can show you where you lost marks and this can put your mind at ease and relieve you of any future begrudging of the examiner who gave you a H2 when you felt you really deserved an H1.

How do I apply to view my paper?

When you received your results you also received information on how to view your exam scripts. If you would like to avail of this opportunity you must complete the necessary form and return to your school by Tuesday, 22nd August. The viewings will take place on Friday evening 1st September and Saturday 2nd September. You will be invited to attend a viewing session on one of these days.

What will happen at the viewing?

You will be presented with your requested exam scripts. You must return these at the end of the session. You will not receive results of orals or practical elements of exams (however if you decide to appeal your mark, orals and practical elements will be rechecked also.) You are allowed to bring one person with you to view your requested exam script/s. It is advisable to bring someone with you who understands the subject and the marking scheme. You can invite a teacher but remember you cannot expect your teacher to attend; these sessions are held on a Friday evening and Saturday. If your teacher attends with you it is out of goodwill as their duty to you has long ended at this stage!

You are allowed to bring a calculator but phones and pens are strictly prohibited. You should respect rules and be silent at the viewing session. Marking schemes are available at the viewing session. You can use these to help you to ascertain whether you have been marked unfairly.

Some Tips and Advice:

  • Only request to see papers that you genuinely feel that you could have done better in. The viewing session is only 3 hours in duration. Most of these exam scripts took you 3 hours to write so it takes a long time to read through a paper. Some exams have 2 papers – double the reading and checking. You don’t have time to look through all of your papers. I would advise to look at a maximum of 3 subjects.
  • It is a good idea to download the marking scheme and be very familiar with it before going to the viewing session; this will save you a lot of time.
  • Add up all the marks on the paper to ensure that there isn’t a miscalculation of marks.
  • Ensure that the marks from paper 1 were added to paper 2 to get your grade. (Believe it or not, I saw it happen one year that the two papers were not added together and the student who ‘failed’ found out that he really got a C!)
  • It is unlikely that your marks will increase by much. If you are 1-2% off the next grade it may be worth checking the marks (e.g. if you got a H4 69% – it might be worth getting a recheck to bring you up to 70%, a H3, and therefore receive an additional 11 points) – but if you are at the lower end of the grade e.g. 62% you need to find a full 8% to benefit from additional points. Being awarded an extra 3% and bringing you up to 65% will do nothing for your points count. In addition to this point remember that Leaving Cert subjects are marked out of 400 – 600 marks so in order to increase your grade by 1% you need to find at least 4 marks!

I want to appeal my grade.

If you decide to appeal your grade in a subject you will need to complete a recheck form (you can get this at the viewing session) and return it to the school by Monday 4th September.  You will need to complete a Bank Giro or pay online by credit card using the Appeals Payment Service on www.examinations.ie,  in advance of 6th September. It costs €40 per Leaving Cert  subject and €15.50 per Leaving Cert Applied subject. If your grade is changed this money will be refunded to you – but if it stays the same you will forfeit this money.

When will I get the result of my appeal?

The result of the appeals process will be released by mid-October. So you cannot wait on the results of an appeal to make your decisions around college. It is a good idea to accept the best offer you receive and start college.  If your grade and consequently your points go up and you are eligible for a course that is higher preference on your CAO form, CAO will offer you a place. You are free to accept, reject or defer this place. Colleges may discourage you from accepting this offer as unfortunately you will have missed some of the course work or the course itself may be full.

For more information read Candidates Information Results and Appeals Booklet

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