Student of Now Careers Summit

I was delighted to be part of the brand new Career’s Summit ‘Student of Now’ that took place today in the bright and modern Tara Building in Dublin City Centre. It was an intimate gathering allowing 20 students and several Guidance Counsellors time to chat with the careers mentors in a casual and informal setting. 

The morning began with tea and coffee whilst mentors mingled with the students. This welcoming session was followed by a 30 minute Panel Forum, where the mentors discussed their Leaving Cert experiences, how they chose their college course and their career path thus far. There was a diverse range of careers; Daithi de Buitleir the CMO of Parking P’n’P gave a colourful description of his career journey and social entrepreneurship during his college days. Mike Meade  spoke about Accounting and Finance, Donnchadh McCarthy gave the students an insight into his career in Law, Adam Byrne spoke about his Sporting Career playing for Leinster Rugby and his studies in Biomedical Science. The event organiser Paddy Walsh spoke about Engineering and I gave my twopence worth on how to choose the right college course.  The Panel Interview was a good way for the mentors to introduce themselves and give the students a taste of what was to come throughout the morning.

After a quick break for refreshments, the mentors all took to the floor and gave a detailed insight of their career field. I shared some of my knowledge and expertise on study and learning styles. I discussed the 3 learning styles: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. And I gave some of my Top Tips on how to study according to each learning style. For more information on this please read through the presentation I gave. A link is attached below.

If you want to take an online assessment tool to work out your learning style check out the links here:

For more information look up

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