Cathal Brugha Street DIT – Celebrating 75 Years

Delighted to attend the Guidance Counsellor’s Information Day at DIT Cathal Brugha Street yesterday. It was my first time in this pretty awesome building. There were many members of staff and students welcoming the Guidance Counsellors.  They made themselves available for questions and were only too happy to promote their courses. Overall the reception was very warm and welcoming.

The morning consisted of a presentations from the three schools: School of Food Science and Environmental Health, School of Hospitality Management and Tourism and the School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology.  Graduates of the courses spoke of their college experiences and the further studies and careers they pursued.

A delicious three course meal was prepared and served by students in the lovely Blue Room restaurant. The restaurant has a Wild Atlantic Way theme. The decor reflects the theme and it even extended to the menu – it was my first time to eat seaweed.  I found seaweed to be a recurring theme in the college; the health benefits of it were discussed by the Neutraceuticals students and a Culinary student produced seaweed bread. Fascinating, We also met a Masters students who had developed a recipe for Meringues made out of Chickpea water and sugar. Unbelievable. Food is very exciting within the walls of Cathal Brugha Street!

The day finished up with a tour of the college. We were shown many kitchens, fully stacked larders and laboratories, a training bar and restaurant. In the kitchens the students sport their cooking whites and there are strict hygiene standards that prevent anyone from entering kitchens without the correct attire. We got a sneaky look at the action from the doorway. The confectionary students prepared Easter bunnies, another class were making bread and a third class were preparing what looked to be a wholesome meal  –  we caught them chopping the carrots. The last group we met were in cleaning mode. The college can boast high standards of hygiene and have received 96/100 on a recent HACCP inspection. Impressive. Overall one could not but be impressed by this college. The is a real sense of passion and drive from the students and staff in the college. They have memorabilia recording the college down through the decades celebrating how the school has grown from a college of cooking to a college of food studies. It is bittersweet that this college will no longer exist in 2019 when it is expected to make the move to the new DIT campus in Grangegorman. Although this is such an exciting phase for DIT it is sad to think that some of the nostalgia will be left behind in the corridors of Cathal Brugha Street.


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