Start Your Career Journey Here – Brian Mooney


‘Start your Career Journey Here’ is a comprehensive manual for every Leaving Cert student. Written by a Guidance Counsellor with over 30 years’ experience in the field, Brian Mooney provides all the necessary information a Leaving Cert student requires to navigate their way from Post Primary education to embarking on a Career Journey. This is a book that the savvy student will find him or herself returning to over and over again for advice and guidance throughout their Leaving Cert year.

Mooney covers so much information in this relatively slim-line book of 186 pages. Don’t be fooled – the information here is precious gold with no filler material. The content is very relevant, succinct and informative. Sixth years are provided with all they need to know to make the transition to further education or the world of work.

The layout of this book makes it a great reference point. A chapter is dedicated to each month. This makes it easy for students to stay on track and keep abreast of college open-days, careers events, and deadlines for CAO, UCAS, and grants etc. The book is colourful, images are plentiful and one of my favourite features is Mooney’s ‘Top Tip!’ and ‘Points to note’ which pop up regularly throughout the book and provide little nuggets of wisdom and advice for the reader.

This book is applicable to all Leaving Cert students following very diverse career paths. There is a significant emphasis placed on application to Third Level education in Ireland through CAO, in the UK through UCAS as well as paying attention to studying further afield in Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Refreshingly this book also looks at PLC application, apprenticeships, joining the military, tips for going straight into employment as a well as taking a gap year. Readers are given the low down on various career routes giving students plenty to consider and allowing them to see that going to college is not the be-all and end-all. I found the many options offered by this book to be vital information for students to be aware of.  I have taught so many students who aren’t suited to degree courses but felt  the pressure to go to university simply to keep up with their peers, this book informs them of the alternative routes they can take to successful careers.

‘Start Your Career Journey Here’  was published in 2014 so the Points System Mooney refers to has been replaced by the new points scale introduced in 2017. Apart from this minor point, which I am sure will be updated in revised editions, I feel this book is very current and relevant to sixth year students, their parents and Guidance Counsellors. I would advise students to buy this book before they begin sixth year, read the book cover-to-cover (parents should read it cover-to-cover too) so you know what is coming down  the line and as you progress through sixth year read the relevant chapter.

You will be hard pushed to find a better manual to equip you for leaving school!

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