How do you learn best?

When getting down to study it is important that you study effectively and make the most of your time. You should begin by identifying your learning style. There are 3 main styles of learning; Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic. There are various surveys online that you can complete to work out what your predominant learning style is. Try one (or both) of these surveys. VAK or VARK


Visual learners like to learn through visually stimulating material. They have a preference for images, diagrams, colours, graphs, maps. Anything that is eye catching will appeal to them. They prefer reading and writing than listening to instructions.

Auditory learners like to listen to someone explain information. They tend to process their thoughts by talking aloud. They can follow verbal instructions, they like to discuss and debate ideas and they tend to talk to themselves.

Kinaesthetic learners adopt a ‘hands on’ approach to learning. They like to learn by doing and they remember best what they have done. They need to be active when learning and find studying at a desk to be quite tiresome.

To find out more about these groups you might like to check out this slideshow.


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