Setting Goals and Targets

Setting Goals

We all need something to work towards in order to make the study effort worthwhile and give us the motivation to persevere and keep going. In 6th year your goal should be a career or college course. Be specific, it’s not enough to aim to go to college; be clear about what course you want to do, where you want to do it and how many points you require? It is important that whatever goal you set for yourself, it is achievable. Keep it SMART.


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SMART goals

Specific – need to get 450 points in LC

Measurable – use Christmas exams and mocks to measure your progress

Achievable – very important. If you got 250 points in 5th year summer exam you cannot expect to achieve 500 points in LC. If you got 250 set yourself a goal to get to 300. If you achieve that, then you can aim higher.

Results orientated – are you getting the grades you need to achieve your target points for course

Time bound – You have x number of months/weeks to study to reach your goal.

Write it down – so it is clearly established for you.

Believe it

Visualise it –  imagine yourself getting your results, imagine the feeling you will have. Imagine yourself on the course, in the career. This will all help with your motivation.

Find a visual reminder of your goal – e.g. Picture of the university, picture of someone doing the career you dream of pursuing. This will all aid your motivation and spur you on to study and succeed.


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Setting Targets

Targets are smaller than goals.

Targets work out a path to achieve your goal.

How many points do you need? Find out how many points you need to do your desired course. For most careers there are many different courses open to you of varying points – points could range from 500+  down to 250. But you will find the course you most want to do, and use that course to set your targets.

Find out how many points were needed for this course in 2016. Allow maybe an additional 10 points in case the points increased in 2017. Now set targets for your subjects.

Look at how you performed in your summer exams – this is your starting point. Try to increase your grades REALISTICALLY. You might work out your targets and realise you are still short 30 points. That’s ok. Because you will review your targets regularly and increase them if possible. If you have set your targets and you are short by 100 points you need to revisit your goal and see is it realistic.


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