Free Seminar on Study Skills


I am presenting a FREE seminar on study skills for 6th year students and their parents. I will discuss how our thoughts play a key role in our study success. I will show you a few strategies that you can implement to turn your thoughts around and develop a positive attitude to study. I will discuss the need to set goals to find motivation and maintain it throughout 6th year. You will learn how to adopt a balanced approach to study – you don’t need to spend every hour of your day at the grindstone; it’s vital to incorporate exercise, rest and social activity into your week to maintain a healthy mind and healthy lifestyle to get through the Leaving Cert year. Organisation is a key area in study. I will go through some tips on getting yourself organised and show you step-by-step how to create a study timetable. (You can also read about these steps on this blog – check out the ‘How to Study’ page.) Finally I will guide you through some effective study techniques to vary your learning this year. Interested??? Why don’t you pop along to Sandyford Community Centre, Monday 21st September from 7-8pm. Hope to see you there.

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