How to Study

ID-10040192It’s the start of another school year and the word ‘study’ is creeping into everyone’s vocabulary. For some, thoughts of late night cramming, panic and stress spring to mind. Sport and friendship are sacrificed in favour of hours of gruelling study. This rigid approach to study puts students under huge pressure often leading to anxiety, risking both physical and mental health.  For others students, study is clouded in a haze of confusion; not knowing where to begin, leading to procrastination, avoidance and . . .facebook. Wasted hours lead to wasted weeks with the empty promises of ‘I’ll start tomorrow.’ Neither approach achieves good results and guess what?. . . it doesn’t need to be this hard.

Adopting a balanced and sustained approach to study will reap the rewards you desire. Be sensible in your study; make time for exercise and friendships. Get plenty of rest and eat healthily. This will give you the physical and mental support you need to get through this school year. Start working now, September is the best time to start. Like a runner training for a marathon you too are in training for your exams. A marathon runner needs to invest time daily for months in order to prepare for a race. He needs to constantly review targets to increase his stamina. This commitment and determination shows his sustained approach.  The Leaving Cert is like a marathon. You need to give yourself plenty of time to revise courses, set and review targets and develop and adhere to a regular study routine to give you the confidence to make it to the finish line. Remember two things; (1) the training starts now, slow and steady and (2) you are a marathon runner, not a sprinter, you need to adopt a balanced approach to keep your energy up for the full length of the race.

Check back to this blog in the weeks to come for regular tips on how to set up a good study routine that allows you to put the necessary work in but also allows you time to enjoy life.

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