Leaving Cert Results: What to expect.

9608507805_5f3ff3dc58The wait is finally coming to an end. With only a week to go until the Leaving Cert results some students may be feeling some nervous tension. This is only natural. You have been building up to this event for almost a year and the end is in sight. Students can feel an array of mixed emotions: excitement /disappointment of results, sadness that school is now officially behind you, fear of the unknown, anxiety and so many more feelings swirl around leading students  to tears of happiness and relief to possible disappointment and regret. But fear not. . . this is all very normal. You are on the brink of a new stage in life and all of life’s transitions bring up many feelings for us. You are not alone; over 55,000 others are going through a very similar experience.

This guide will show you what to expect over the next few weeks.

12th August, Results Day.

Results are sent to schools and made available to students from 9:30am (check with your school for exact times, times may vary in some schools.) Results can be obtained online at https://www.examinations.ie/ from 12pm. You will need you exam number and PIN to access results. Students were issued with a PIN before the Leaving Cert exams commenced.

Many students like to collect their results from the school surrounded by the support of their friends. This can be thrilling for students who perform well but for the less sure student opening results on front of friends can be a source of anxiety and worry. If you are feeling this way consider opening your results when you get home or with one or two trusted friends. Alternatively you can access your results online with the support of your family.

Your envelope will contain a written list of your subjects, level and results. Results will appear in the A1,A2, B1,B2,B3 etc format. Percentages are not given. The results sheet will not contain your points. You will need to calculate this yourself. It is a good idea to bring a calculator or use the calculator on your phone because you will be eager to know what points you achieved. Take your time and add your up your points carefully. Do it a few times to ensure you get the correct calculation.

Your envelope will also contain details on how to view your exam scripts in case you want to appeal a grade/s. It is important to read this information carefully and return the form to the school by the closing date, 18th August. Scripts can be viewed in the school on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th August. Check with your school what times viewings will be held at.

Round One CAO offers will be made on Monday 17th August.  You will receive an offer in the post. This offer can be accepted/ rejected/ deferred by post or online.

Wishing you all the best of luck receiving your results next week.

Check back here again following the results to find out about life after the Leaving Cert.

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